Western Union

David Brown Travel is pleased to announce the addition of Western Union to its portfolio of services.  The Western Union Money Transfer Scheme is an excellent way to transfer funds from one location to another in many parts of the world, practically in minutes.


For nearly a century the Western Union Telegram was famous for being the fastest way of transferring information around the world.  Today Western Union enjoys an equally fine reputation for transferring money to and from 165 countries quickly and efficiently on behalf of private individuals and businesses.

Every year millions of people worldwide trust Western Union to send money within minutes to family, friends or colleagues in other countries.  People working in the UK can transfer money to family overseas simply and cost-effectively.  Travellers and students can depend on Western Union for the quickest and most reliable way of receiving money from home.  And if you have money and credit cards stolen whilst travelling abroad, you can rely on friends or family coming to the rescue by sending money straight away.

How it works

Call freephone 0800 833 833 to find the nearest locations for sending and receiving the money.  There are over 50,000 locations worldwide.

To Send money:

To Receive money:

Please Note ; International Money Transfers will be converted at the rate of exchange applied by Western Union on the date payment is completed.

To find out more about Western Union visit their website at www.westernunion.com